Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few odds and ends

My project this weekend was to make a cover for my stand mixer. Here is the finished project:

I had to learn how to make bias tape in the process, and found this website very helpful for that.

Something else I did this weekend was to finally buy a muffin pan so that I could make my first batch of cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (see previous post). They turned out great! I made the "Tiramisu" ones...

Sorry... did that photo make you hungry?

And that was my weekend.


Goof said...

Mmmm...yummy! Did you get mascarpone cheese?

I like the cover for your mixer too.

Samantha said...

Hi G... the cupcakes ARE yummy! The recipe doesn't call for mascarpone, since they're meant to be vegan. But, I didn't actually make them vegan-they're supposed to have vegan "cream cheese" in the icing, but since I had "real" cream cheese around, I used that instead. I love mascarpone, so maybe I'll cheat on the vegan aspect with that next time I make them.

Thanks for the offer of the muffin pan, btw... but I couldn't wait to make some cupcakes :-)