Monday, July 9, 2012

Alice 1998-2012

Alice, Clara's sister and a cat, was diagnosed with cancer in her chest in April and I had her euthanized a week later. This may sound very similar to Clara's story, except it was a different kind of cancer (a tumor mass, rather than lots of floating or semi-attached cancerous cells, as I understand it). I wrote a list of "Things about Alice" as I did for Clara, but it's on a piece of paper so will have to get transcribed here someday. Or maybe it will never happen. I only found the time to write the list while I was pumping breastmilk in the Mother's room on my lunch break at work... I'm a bit busier these days than I used to be because, as you might surmise or know, I have a kid now. My post on Clara's carcinomatosis is by far the most read and commented-on page on my blog, presumably because of the lack of other information about carcinomatosis in cats elsewhere on the internet. It has also become a place for people to share their own stories about their wonderful cats who developed carcinomatosis. I get sad every time I get an email notifications that another person has commented on that post, because it means another cat is gone and another person or family is sad (though I do also very much appreciate that people take the time to comment). But I'm getting off topic here. Alice, I miss you and I am sorry that you had to compete with a baby for my affection in your last months.