Sunday, August 10, 2008

Splint update

That monstrous splint I'm wearing on my leg when I sleep seems to be working--my foot is hurting less. Yay! The first two nights I wore it, I woke up probably 6 times though, needing to readjust my leg position. It still wakes me up sometimes, but it's much better. I took the splint to Seattle for Genevieve's wedding (see photos I took of the wedding weekend here, but don't look too soon 'cos I still have to edit (winnow and caption) the gallery), but I think it is too monstrous to take to South Africa (leaving 26 August!!) so will likely just take my old (smaller) splint.

Jesse has stopped wearing his medical shoe, but his foot still hurts. He also had big problems when he started wearing a different shoe (a hiking boot, so it is still stiff underneath) after 2 weeks in the medical shoe, because all his foot muscles and nerves had to wake up again... and they felt a bit weird for a while.

Anyway, thanks for your concern and pity for our patheticness.

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Kirsty said...

How dreary for you both to have to deal with this but hooray that it seems to be working. I hope you have a wonderful pain/monsterous splint free holiday in SA. Sooo jealous :D

Thank you for the wedding photos, they are beautiful, Gen was a gorgeous bride and you look lovely!