Monday, July 9, 2012

Alice 1998-2012

Alice, Clara's sister and a cat, was diagnosed with cancer in her chest in April and I had her euthanized a week later. This may sound very similar to Clara's story, except it was a different kind of cancer (a tumor mass, rather than lots of floating or semi-attached cancerous cells, as I understand it). I wrote a list of "Things about Alice" as I did for Clara, but it's on a piece of paper so will have to get transcribed here someday. Or maybe it will never happen. I only found the time to write the list while I was pumping breastmilk in the Mother's room on my lunch break at work... I'm a bit busier these days than I used to be because, as you might surmise or know, I have a kid now. My post on Clara's carcinomatosis is by far the most read and commented-on page on my blog, presumably because of the lack of other information about carcinomatosis in cats elsewhere on the internet. It has also become a place for people to share their own stories about their wonderful cats who developed carcinomatosis. I get sad every time I get an email notifications that another person has commented on that post, because it means another cat is gone and another person or family is sad (though I do also very much appreciate that people take the time to comment). But I'm getting off topic here. Alice, I miss you and I am sorry that you had to compete with a baby for my affection in your last months.


Vi Brown said...

I just had to put my beloved Bubba (14 years old) to sleep for the same cancer. Fast growing, was feeling great and two weeks later two pounds of tumor and fluid. Does anyone know what causes this type of tumor in cats? I can't find anything. I am not that social on the internet so hope this works getting to you.

I know how you feel. The tears keep coming and there is such a empty place in my family which consists of me and my kids (now two rescue cat kids). Bobcat is in his 18th year and I realize his time is close as well. Bella is an 8 lb. ex-feral who probably will outlive all of us.

Samantha said...

Hello Vi. I'm sorry about Bubba. I don't know what causes these types of tumors in cats, apart from the generic "there is a mutation in a cell that causes it to grow out of control." Not a very satisfying answer, I know.

Bobcat is 18! Amazing. I hope Bobcat has a good life all the way to the end.

Best wishes to you as you deal with your loss.