Thursday, January 3, 2008

The cats and their ribbon

A piece of ribbon found its way out into my living room sometime around Christmas. Alice, one of my cats, has spent many hours sitting next to it since. On rare occasions, she plays with it. [She has this thing with "her" toys... she sits next to them and we can't really get her to budge, even if she is somewhere where she could get underfoot (normally she is pretty good about staying and getting out of the way). We think maybe she's indicating to us that we should help her play with the toy, but we're not sure.] She has, in fact, spent so much time sitting next to this ribbon that I have been worrying about her getting too obsessed. So, I have been hiding it most of the time and only bring it out to play with occasionally. Last night, both cats were sitting on my lap and Jesse brought out the ribbon. Their eyes sure lit up (Clara likes it too, she's just not obsessed with it like Alice is). Jesse thought they were looking so cute that he went and got my camera and took these photos.

 The cats have just spied the ribbon.

Clara makes a valiant effort to get it. To get it good. Alice is ready to back her up.

"Oh no!," say the cats. "We dropped the ribbon! Whatever shall we do?"

The end.

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