Sunday, January 13, 2008

Update on sewing projects

My sewing energy of late has been going into improving the diaper-and-wipe bags I mentioned in a previous post. Following Kirsty's suggestion, I have added a snap to the straps, to allow them to be looped around something like a stroller handle (I also paid attention to a stroller that someone rolled by me the other day and saw how it didn't have a place that the bag handle could just be draped over... what's with that?). Here's the one end of the strap and the back of the snap (pardon my stray hair).
While picking out the pearlescent snaps at the store, I found some magnetic snaps on clearance ($0.97 for 6 sets!) and thought they'd be a nice alternative to velcro for the flap of the bag. They're a bit tricky to work with, because I have to add several additional layers of fabric to support the snaps (they're somewhat heavy). Here are the magnetic sides of the snaps on the body of the bag. In this photo, you can also see where the handle snaps on (on the right).
And here are my latest two sets of bags... the blue ones have velcro to close the flap, and it was so much easier making these than the kinds with the magnetic snaps! But the snaps do look nice and won't get all fuzzed-up like the velcro. These blue bags have a front pocket, unlike the blue bags I made first (previous sewing post).
And here is the overall view of the red and black bags with magnetic snaps to close the flap.
One of the blue bags and one of the black bags are going to Celia, who is a graduate student who works down the hall from me and is due on January 27 (though earlier would be better in her mind!). I met her when she was about 5 months pregnant and barely showing. She worked at the bench next to me for a few months and it's been fun to watch her belly grow. I bought a pack of baby wipes yesterday to give her with the bags...
Wow, that was an interesting photo! I'm also giving Celia two bibs... one is the bib with iron-on vinyl that I showed in my last sewing post, and this is the other one...
I haven't been working on baby bibs lately but will get back to them now that I am getting a bit bagged out (I have two more that just need the final assembly and several more that I have most of the fabric cut for, so I've really been busy with the bags). I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate Kirsty's suggestion of making them so that moisture doesn't go through, other than using vinyl. I'm going to try the sew-on vinyl next and will keep looking for other waterproof fabrics too.

I'm sure your heart is racing after reading such an exciting post :-) But I wanted to document my sewing successes before I give them away.

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Kirsty said...

Those look awesome! Love the snaps-very chic! Moms are all about the non-diaper bag looking diaper bag now and that's it! Lucky Celia
One thing I just thought of. Would it be possible to have fabric on both side with a waterproof material between them (like a sandwich) That will keep the vinyl from being visible and keep the bib soft but still keep moisture from soaking through onto the chest. Is that even possible? Maybe you could just use something like a plastic shower curtain type material between? Clear as mud?

Good job!