Saturday, October 11, 2008

27 August 2008

[A short and fairly boring entry... hopefully they'll improve!]

27 August 2008, almost in Joburg [Johannesburg]

The first three hours of this flight were the longest--we ate dinner and watched a movie, which seemed like they should take up more than 20% of the flight! Alas, there were another >12 hours to go. I managed a bit of sleep--the secret was putting my seat back, but not that of the empty seat next to me (Jesse had moved to an open exit aisle), then leaning my head against two cushions against the other seat back. A delicious breakfast we just had... at 2 pm South African time! Landing in Joburg soon, then customs and a connection to Cape Town following that. PS. Movie was "Definitely Maybe."

[I wore my running watch to and in South Africa (I don't normally wear a watch). I'd heard that to reduce jetlag, one should switch their watch to the time zone of their destination, to get you to get used to the new time. I did that this trip, as soon as I boarded the airplane, and I really think it helped me!]

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Kirsty said...

I agree with your jetlag tactic. It really helps even if it is just psychosymatic. I love when they serve the "breakfast" and it is finally daylight, so exciting to be flying over Africa although those last few hours are the slowest for me. So near yet so far. :D
I liked that movie. what did you think?