Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is there anything more pathetic than a wet cat?

I break from the regularly-scheduled programming to bring you: wet cats!

I was just about to head to Costco this morning (as I do most Saturdays) and was petting the cats 'goodbye,' when I noticed a flea on Alice's stomach! It took me a good minute of squeezing, squishing, squashing and finally popping to get that flea to die--they're tough buggers. The cats have only had fleas once before--I returned from being away for three weeks in 2006 to find little black dots all over my bed, where the cats sleep. It took me a week or so to realize the cats were infested with fleas and those black dots were flea poop! At that time, they got their first ever bath. 

Well, I didn't want another full-blown infestation, so I decided Costco could wait and immediately set about giving the cats their second ever bath (they're both about 10.25 years old, so this is an uncommon event for them) with an anti-flea-egg shampoo.

The cats weren't about to walk around nicely while I had my camera out for you to see their wet patheticness, but I did corner them and take a few shots of them sitting down. The photos don't really capture how silly the cats looked, so you'll just have to trust me or look at someone else's wet cat on the internet.

Clara after her bath, looking a bit unhappy.

Alice trying to warm up a bit in the sun (of course the flea made its appearance AFTER the heatwave we had this past week... both cats were shivering quite a bit after their baths today).

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