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29 August 2008

29 August 2008
UCT and Hermanus

Jesse at the University of Cape Town

Though it was pouring with rain earlier this morning, we drove out to UCT [University of Cape Town] to meet up with Dave Horwitz [a high school friend of mine]. He and Jesse had a latte, after we met David at Jameson Hall (a focal point of campus) and Dave showed us his office, where we met his new-ish officemate, Lovemore. Dave then walked us through campus and we saw a discarded, beat up umbrella in a garbage bin--just as Dave was telling us how the new students ruin many umbrellas each year walking through a 'wind tunnel' of a walkway in a Cape storm.

Me and David in front of Jameson Hall. Jesse took the photo

J and I then ventured over to the V&A waterfront for fish and chips (only the latter for me; Jesse had snoek [a type of strongly-flavored fish] and really liked it, though it was very bony). Oh, I also got a buttered roll for R3.50 [something like $0.45--quite the deal!].

Jesse in front of the fish-and-chips place at the V&A

Then, Diana [my cousin] drove us through to Hermanus, where we visited with Ouma [my grandmother] and had a lovely "vegetable gratin bake" made by Anne [my aunt, and mother of Diana] and a salad made by Diana. There was ginger cake with custard for dessert and Anne told me the *first* part of making ginger preserves: 

Peel and chop ginger
Cover in boiling water
Let cool
Repeat (from boiling water step) 3x/day for 3 weeks...

Needless to say, neither I nor Anne will not be making that any time soon. Then, we all tried our hand at a Sudoku puzzle, but weren't very successful (Anne finally got it after getting a few hours' head start on it).

Jesse and I are quite cold almost always, which is really too bad. It sounds like we were a bit unlucky with the weather, as it had been summer-like earlier in the week.

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Kirsty said...

David's name is very familiar but not his face. Hmmm.